49 SEK

Extra kraftiga springbars för dykklockor i 20 och 22mm.

High quality stainless steel spring bars supplied in a set of 3 pieces. The bars are 2mm in diameter and the tip diameter is 1.1mm.

This is a set of 3 pieces of spring bars. They have thicker tips than the usual spring bars and they are designed for diver's watches. The bars themselves are 2mm in diameter which is also slightly thicker than a regular spring bar.

These springbars are absolutely brilliant for use with a Seiko diver and a standard sized strap. The Seiko "fat bars" that come with the watch are too thick to fit many straps. I tried using standard springbars but found the ends were too small for the Seiko's lugholes - they allowed movement which could cause wear in the steel. These are the perfect solution. The 1.1mm tips fit the lugholes of my SKX007, and they are thin enough to fit my Zuludiver rubber strap. Exactly what I needed and couldn't find anywhere else.