395 SEK

Nyhet i Butiken !!
Nya Kaizen Vintage i finaste Italienskt läder...Panerai style buckle och mycket snyggt vintage style läder, finns i både 22 och 24mm.

Crafted from genuine Italian leather with a Pre-V buckle, which has a curved shape and allows for a closer more ergonomic fit to your wrist, this watch strap gives more robust feel when it is worn.

This is a chunky strap suitable for a larger watch yet versatile and will suit various kind of watches. This watch strap was carefully made, which makes it comfortable and soft to the touch. The way it is constructed makes it durable and at the same time elegant: it has been carefully stitched.
The buckle width is 2 mm less than the lug width (all sizes).

 130 / 80mm
Thickness: 4mm (tapering to 3mm)

Material: Genuine Italian Leather
Material Type: Vintage
Material Finish: Natural Leather Grain
Edge Finish: Cut edge, sealed with colour stain
Padding Style: Flat
Lining Material: Genuine Leather
Stitching Colour: Ivory

Buckle Type: Buckle Pre-V
Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
Buckle Finish: Brushed
Buckle Tongue Width: 4mm

Special Features: Genuine High Quality Italian Leather
Style: Vintage Design