595 SEK

Favorit i Butiken !!

Ett riktigt coolt 22mm Sharkmesh med den rätta vintage diver känslan.
Länken kommer från Geckota i England och är i riktigt bra kvalitet. Högglans polerat 100% rostfritt och nickelfritt stål. 

Please note that "Seiko" 2.5mm diameter spring bars will not fit this strap. Our 2mm diameter bars have the same 1.1mm tips as the Seiko bars and they will fit.

High Quality Stainless Steel "Shark Mesh" Watch Strap. Stylish and flexible "Ploprof" 316 SHARK mesh strap inspired by the original Omega Seamaster 600m Ploprof mesh.

Beware of cheap imitations - This strap is made from 1.2mm diameter 316L stainless steel wire for the best performance and strength. Suited for a larger watch, the overall 4mm thickness will sit comfortably on your wrist. Features innovative 'H' link details to make length adjustment possible.

The strap is supplied with 4 "H" links, each link will change the length of the strap by 12.5 mm. Please note that the links feature a double screw head (2.5mm diameter) design and some care is needed when removing these, the size of the screwdriver required is 2.5mm

Watch Strap Specification
Spring bar hole diameter: 2,0mm
Material: 316L Stainless steel
Max. length: 185mm / Min. length: 135mm
Bracelet thickness: 4.5mm
Lug end style: Open type / straight end
Adjustment type: 4 Screw H links + 3 micro hole type adjustment on the clasp

The approximate weights of these watch straps are -
20mm = 75 grams
22mm = 80 grams