195 SEK

Nyhet i Butiken !! Zuludivers populära dykband i nylon, 100% vattentåligt och lite följsammare än Cordura, mkt snyggt...rekommenderas.

Carefully designed waterproof diver's nylon watch strap by ZULUDIVER.

It's made from tough, durable, woven nylon with a waterproof lining and has been assembled with care and attention to detail. Stitched together with contrasting strong thread to create a striking compliment to your watch.

A solid stainless steel buckle is fitted, which has a combination of polished and brushed finishing and stamped with ZD approval.

Lengths: 125mm / 85mm

Thickness: 4mm - 3mm
Edge Finish: Remborde
Lining Material: Natura

Special Features: Water Resistant