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Nyhet i Butiken !! Nu har vi tagit in Gunmetal Grey Nato med högglans polerat spänne...riktigt snyggt !!

Zuludiver - Natoband
Detta är inte samma Nato som du är van vid.
Natoband från Zuludiver i England håller betydligt högre kvalitet,
är starkare och mjukare än vad som är vanligt på marknaden.
Vi tycker både du och din klocka förtjänar detta :)
" Pimp Your Watch Royal Style "

Very popular gunmetal grey NATO Watch Strap. Originally developed in the 70s by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD), the strap was actually named G10 because of the service personnel's form they had to complete in order to receive one. Its popularity amongst other regiments led to other colours & patterns.

Today, it's the well known NATO style fashionable watch strap we all wear. NATOs are durable, changeable, strong and used in sporting activities. The design (interweaving, passing through lugs) means it's secure.

This is a classic NATO watch strap, the strap is a lovely gunmetal grey and is very well made with sturdy stitched hardware.

Length: 300mm
Thickness : 1mm
Material : Nylon
Material Type : Woven
Material Finish : Woven
Edge Finish : Cut edge
Material Colour : Gunmetal Grey
Stitching Colour : Grey

Buckle Type : Buckle
Buckle Material : Stainless Steel
Buckle Tongue Width : 2mm

Special Features : Quick Drying Nylon
Style : NATO