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Favorit i Butiken !!
Zuludiver - Swiss Style Premium Nato är vårt mest exklusiva natoband för din speciella klocka.

We are pleased to introduce new colours to the ZULUDIVER 178 Swiss Style NATO range.
This tried and tested "Swiss style" design uses our well established NATO nylon material and features upgraded stainless steel hardware and buckle.

This Swiss style NATO also has is a slightly different design to a standard NATO, the first metal keeper is movable, which helps when securing the tail end of the strap.

The NATO watch strap is: durable, easily changeable, strong and often used during sporting activities. The time-tested design (interweaving and passing through the lugs) ensures added security for your watch if a springbar pops out during vigorous activity. As with all our NATOs, this example of our classic NATO watch strap has been carefully crafted with sturdy stitched joints for a long service life complementing your favourite watches.

Length: 330mm
Thickness: 1.1mm
Material: Nylon
Material Type: Woven
Material Finish: Nylon Fabric
Edge Finish: Cut edge
Padding Style: None
Material Colour: Green
Stitching Colour: Black

Buckle Type: Buckle
Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
Buckle Tongue Width: 2mm

Special Features: Quick Drying Nylon
Style: NATO